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10 Most forgotten 90's Fashion Trends (Remilist, EP1)

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Trends come and go, usually revived in some way or another over time. But what about the forgotten trends of long ago that we haven’t seen since? If you grew up on the 90s, you know the fashion trends like cropped tops and Timberlands still are alive today but are their any trends that we forgot about?

In this video, we reminisce about our favorite forgotten trends of the 90s from mood rings to Bongo Jeans! It almost seems like these fads only lasted a good 15 minutes before someone called it out. Seriously, who thought wearing a visor backwards and upside down was a good idea?

Are you in the mood for 90s trends? Which was your favorite unforgotten trend of the 90s? Are there any that we forgot to reminisce about?

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